Florida Home Buying Programs

What Hidden Costs Should You Look out for When Selling Your Home?

Florida Home Buying Programs

While buying a home can be a special and enjoyable experience, selling a home can feel the opposite for many people. One of the main reasons selling a home becomes a hassle is the fees. You may think you will make a good profit from the sale, then thousands of dollars in fees may make your break even or possibly lose money. With Florida Home Buying Programs from Your Florida House Buyers, you can quickly sell your home for cash without having to worry about paying thousands of dollars in closing fees.

Here are some of the fees that you can avoid with our Florida Home Buying Programs.

Down Payment Assistance 

  • Capital gains tax: If you make over a certain threshold from the sale of your home, you may be subject to paying a certain amount of money in taxes.
  • Home warranty: Many buyers request that the selling purchase a home warranty that covers repairs for the first year of ownership, so they feel more secure in the purchase.
  • Commission: With typical realtors, you will have to pay a certain percentage of the sale fee as a commission.
  • Transfer tax: Often, you may have to pay a small percentage of the sale fee as a tax.
  • Other closing costs: Homeowners and title insurance, appraisal fee, property transfer, and other fees add up to thousands of dollars and can be the reason you may not make a profit.

With our Florida Home Buying Programs, selling a home will be easier and more stress-free than ever. In 10 days or less, we will buy your home as-is and in cash. Forget having to pay for costly repairs in hopes for the chance that someone will think about buying your home. Speak with one of our realtors to see what your options are!

First Time Buyer Mortgage

If you are looking for Florida Home Buying Programs that do not involve paying expensive closing costs so you can keep your profits, then Your Florida House Buyers is just right for you. With us, you will not have to worry about the typical hassles of home selling. In 10 days or less, your property can be sold for cash in its condition, so you will not have to spend months pouring money into renovations.

Speak with one of our realtors about our Florida Home Buying Programs by calling us today at (305) 850-6611 or click here to get a cash offer online!

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