What Are the Advantages of Selling to Cash Home Buyers in Coral Gables?

It’s a common occurrence when looking to sell your home, that you’d be looking to do so with as fast a return as possible. The reasons for doing so are plentiful and diverse; looking to avoid foreclosure, bankruptcy, and other financial difficulties seem to become more and more common in a tough modern economy. Many homeowners are beginning to look into an expanding area of local real estate, selling their home fast, and for a cash payout.

When selling your home conventionally, you must hire a real estate agent, make sure your home is looking in tip top condition, advertise and market your home, and then take the time for the offer to come in. Many times this process is the best option, after all hiring an agent remains the most well-known and popular method of home sales, but in certain circumstances where you’re in need to sell your house fast, things need to move along faster than traditional methods.

Sell Your House Fast and Convenient

There are several amenities to selling your house for an all cash offer. When a Coral Gables cash for houses buyer purchases a home, they do so in AS-IS condition. When evaluating your home, they accept whatever state your home is currently in, and make a fair market value on the house in whatever the state of the property may be in. What this essentially means is that regardless of the condition of your property, a cash home buyers firm is all in on your property and accepts any and all responsibility for all home issues as soon as they purchase your estate. This leaves you as the home seller with none the traditional responsibilities of home preparation. There’s absolutely no need to make ANY repairs, improvements, modifications, or really worry about anything when getting the house ready for sale to a South Florida cash buyer.

Why Wait to Get the Deal Done?

Selling a home in Coral Gables, or anywhere in South Florida for that matter can almost be considered a time sink. Buyers in South Florida sometimes almost seems though they have a fickle nature to them and can often be unsure of what they’re actually looking for when evaluating what they’re really looking to get out of a new home. This can become a major problem riddled with frustration, uncertainty, and anxiety for a seller, especially when looking to sell their home fast.

Conventional House Sales

Fundamentally, the way a conventional sale works is like this. A buyer sees your house listed on the MLS or whatever advertising resource in which your home was marketed, and comes to view the home in person whether through an appointment or home showing. After viewing the house in person, the buyer elects to make an offer on the property and attempts to get bank financing from a bank or credit union. Once credit is approved, the deal goes into closing, and you can start on the process of finishing up the finer details of the deal, and move on into the next phase of your life.

Sell Your Home in Days Rather Than Months

However, this is rarely the course that things take when selling a home on the open market. Waiting for a home buyer can take months, going through showing after showing watching people stamp through you home and pick it apart. Even if a buyer is found for your estate quickly, negotiations can take a while depending on what the home buyer is looking for versus your expectations and needs when initially marketing your home.

Probably the most time taking and frustrating part of the procedure is the credit financing portion of the home sale. Bank and credit union financing can be a challenge for buyers to achieve. There is a plethora of roadblocks and bureaucratic red tape to overcome when attempting to get approved for a mortgage or home loan and many buyers either find it a challenge to obtain or even decide that they’ve had enough and can back out of the deal for any reason. If the deal falls through, then the sale process goes all the way back to the beginning.

Have an Offer on Your Home Within 24 Hours

When enlisting a team of cash house buyers, all of these headaches and aggravations are able to be bypassed entirely. There is no waiting, once Your Florida House Buyers performs our initial valuation on your property, we not only make an offer within 24 hours, if we can come to an agreement and you accept the offer, we will close within 10 days. When facing financial difficulties, and needing the cash profits from the sale of your home, a quick and speedy resolution can make a huge difference and be essential in your life.

Contact Your Florida House Buyers TODAY!

If you’re a property owner in Coral Gables, or anywhere in the South Florida area, we want to buy your house for cash. If you need to sell your house fast, don’t waste your time trying to list your house on the MLS and hiring a real estate agent, it isn’t likely that you’re going to be the exception to the common practices and occurrences of the real estate market, and you’re likely to be sitting there anxious and aggravated, waiting for the final outcome on a home sale.

Contact us today for a quote on your Coral Gables property. Simply call us at 305-764-3943 or fill out the contact form on our website, and a member of our professional buy houses cash team will guide and educate you through the entire procedure.

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