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If you’re looking for answers to help you Sell your home in El Portal fast, we want to help!

Our team buys houses cash in El Portal and all over the Miami-Dade area. We purchase homes in an as-is condition, no matter what the current state of your property may be. Let us step in and take over the accountability of your undesired estate and let you take the next step in your new life. Your Florida House Buyers have helped several local homeowners unencumber themselves of burdensome real estate problems. Many of them, people just like you, facing the same stresses and anxieties looking to sell their homes without having to devote the copious amounts of energy and effort into improving their estate for a sale.  The cash for houses services that we offer is hassle free, and there is absolutely no obligation to deal with us. No matter your situation, or the condition of the property, we want to help you!

We Really Can Help You to Sell Your House Fast

There are a variety of reasons to enlist our help to be rid of your burdensome property, such as:

  • Pending Foreclosure
  • Upside Down on Mortgage or Financing
  • Relocation
  • Divorce
  • Undesirable Renters
  • Fire and Flood Damage
  • Struggles with Financial, Repair, or Maintenance Costs

Essentially what we mean is, if you have a nonessential property and need to Sell your home in El Portal fast, we want to make you a fair market value; all cash offer for your Miami-Dade area property today and close on the sale whenever you feel you are ready.

“But I Need to Sell My Home Now, Can You Still Help?”

Yes we can! If you’ve tried selling your home, but you’re running into problems we want to alleviate your worries.

You may have already contacted a local South Florida real estate agent. In the end, this method might offer you a small percentage more in your overall profit, but sometimes this isn’t the ideal solution for everyone. There can be many pitfalls when selling your home the traditional route of listing your home on the MLS with an agent including having to clean up and repair your home in order to attract buyers, finding a trustworthy and professional real estate agent, signing a contract binding you to said agent for a predetermined term length, mountains of paperwork and bureaucratic red tape, and the delays in shifting paperwork from buyer, to agent, to you, and then back to the buyer again.

The Considerable Issue with Trying to Sell Your House Fast with an Agent… or selling it yourself

Sometimes a convention home sale goes smooth and perfect, just the way you would ideally want everything to go. More often though unfortunately, a retail home sale takes months to finalize. You will spend the majority of this time waiting and waiting; either for a prospective buyer to take interest in your home, or if interest is shown quickly, for said home buyer to get approved on their credit for a loan from a bank or other financial institution. This process can take up to a year to finalize, and if the other party elects to back out or their financing falls through, you’re left starting over from square one looking for another purchaser for your home.

All the stress adds up. The time spent waiting, and payout of costly agent fees and closing costs may or may not put you ahead of the game when counting up your final dollars.

The team at Your Florida House Buyers does things a little bit differently. We come in and evaluate your property, letting you know what we feel the fair market value is for your home. Within 24 hours of this initial evaluation, we offer you CASH for your house. The first step in the process is filling out a brief, no-obligation information form and in return get your all cash offer; closing whenever you feel comfortable and ready to close on the sale.

If your house is in bad shape and don’t (or can’t) keep up with repairs or costly maintenance, we can take care of that. If you want to get the deal done quickly, that isn’t a problem for us either. After our initial offer we can close on the deal in as little as 10 days from the initial viewing. We are cash home buyers in the El Portal, and Miami-Dade area. We have the financial capital to make an all cash offer on your house with no need or reliance for traditional bank financing.

No Matter the Condition of Your Property, We Want to Make a Deal!

It is not of consequence to us if your house is in repair, damaged, or even what your situation or timetable for selling quickly might be. The cash house buyers in South Florida buy homes approaching foreclosure or have liens. Our goal is to help relieve you of your unwanted, burdensome real estate albatross and help you get out from underneath the property while offering you a fast, fair, and honest price for your El Portal estate.

Your Florida House Buyers make sure you have a no hassle, no obligation process in selling your house fast. Sell your home in El Portal, the first step is filling out the information form on our site, or if you’d prefer to speak with someone in our office, give us a call today.

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