Do you need to sell a house fast? Your Florida House Buyers is a local real estate investment firm. We buy old houses in Palmetto Bay and want to make you an all cash offer on your property! There is a variety of solutions available when you decide to sell your home. However, most people decide on the traditional real estate method of selling a home. Unfortunately, this is not always an optimal option. When you list with a realtor, there is a plentiful amount of factors to consider.

Consider the Cost of a Realtor

Are you considering selling your older home in Palmetto Bay? Most people decide to use a realtor thinking that it is the best way to sell their home. However, this method is not optimal for a homeowner desperate to sell their home quickly. You could be facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, or relocation, and need to sell the house fast. While realtors handle everything for typical home sales, you likely need to make upgrades and engage in preparatory work to put the house on the market. These improvements make the property more appealing to potential buyers.

Although this is not the wrong way of doing things, every suggestion the realtor makes possesses accompanying costs. Are you a homeowner that needs to speedily exit a homeownership? You likely do not have the time or money to waste in this situation.

Realtors additionally schedule showings for interested parties to view your home. This can be a stressful situation. You must keep your home in “open house condition” at all times in case a potential buyer wants to view the home.

Realtors can do nothing to control the effect the open market has on the sale of your home. In a slow housing market, you could end up waiting months, even a year for your home to finally close. Do you need to sell your older Palmetto Bay home fast? This isn’t the best solution.

Should You Sell on Your Own?

Thinking about selling the property on your own? You wouldn’t be the first individual to consider this option. However, if you do not possess the experience to sell your house, this creates more problems.

The real estate market is a complex entity, especially in a location like the Miami area. Many “interested” buyers make plentiful demands promising to make a commitment once the preparatory work is complete. These demands include repairs and upgrades. Unfortunately, this verbal agreement is not a binding contract. Buyers can and will walk away from a deal at the last minute, after spending capital honoring the repairs or upgrades.

Additionally, selling a home on your own presents many of the same challenges you face when assisted by a realtor. The only real difference is that you spend the money and time to market the house.

But… I Need to Sell My House FAST

Many homeowners find themselves in situations where they need to sell their homes quickly. Perhaps they cannot manage their finances adequately due to job loss versus high cost of living. These individuals frequently sell their homes before a bank auction for almost nothing in the way of a notable profit. Are you in a situation where you need to get out from a burdensome property? Waiting months to sell your house simply isn’t an option. If you do not possess the capital to pay your mortgage, you cannot invest in repairs to sell your home. This is especially true when there is no guarantee of when the home will sell.

Selling your house fast allows you to stop foreclosure completely. This prevents further damage to your credit, sometimes allowing you to walk away with money in your pocket. Foreclosure is incredibly damaging to your credit. When you sell your house before foreclosure concludes, you can walk away knowing your credit is safe. This allows you to purchase another home once you discover financial stability again.

We Buy Old Houses in Palmetto Bay

Your Florida House Buyers is an independent real estate investment firm in the Miami area. We buy old houses in Palmetto Bay, and all over South Florida. Our primary goal as a company is to help our clients sell their houses fast. This helps alleviate their situations, and focus on what is truly important to them. Selling a house is never fun. However, Your Florida House Buyers can help alleviate some of the common anxieties and headaches associated with traditional home selling on the MLS with a real estate agent.

We buy old houses in Palmetto Bay and pay in CASH. Our firm is different from many investors in that we boast the financial backing to make cash offers on properties. When you use Your Florida House Buyers, there is no waiting for financing, no open houses, no preparatory work. We buy houses in any condition. This includes properties in need of repairs or maintenance, as well as damaged homes.

Our team buys houses in the Miami area to help people that don’t want or cannot afford to sell traditionally. We don’t want to list your house on the MLS and help you sell it for a commission, we want to buy the property in CASH.

Home buying is our business, and how we make a living. We understand the difficult situations our clients face, and for this reason, always treat them with respect. For more information, contact Your Florida House Buyers today!

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